Organisational Structure

About us

The Valais Blacknose breed society was formed in 2015, and has been a great source of information and help for Valais breeders in the UK. Everyone on the committee is really friendly and approachable.

We all have experience in varying degrees from generational farmers to new entrants, which means that we have tried to cater for all aspects on the members in the breed society.

With this wealth of knowledge and a commitment to serving the breed to the high standards that the Swiss have set, we encourage people to come and join and learn alongside us. 

The Valais Blacknose Sheep Breed Society


David Hodge – Chairperson

Christopher Slee - Vice Chairman


Kate Little – Secretary 

Tom Hooper– Treasurer

Emma Collison - PR and Marketing


Julian Walters- Committee Member

Duggie Little - Committee Member

Stuart Billinghurst - Committee Member

Polly Glyde- Committee Member

Hayley Garrod- Committee Member

Phil Garrod- Committee Member

Renee Snouckaert - Committee Member

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