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Welcome to the Valais Blacknose Sheep society.


Our breed society was set up in 2015 to protect the breed and help breeders throughout the UK connect with others. Whether you are a VBN owner or an admirer  - we all love these sheep. Believed by many to be 'The World's Cutest Sheep' the VBN sheep breed has taken  the UK by storm. 

2020 Show List 


Devon County - 21-23rd May

Judge Mr R Harding

Royal Bath and West-28 -30th May

Judge Mr R Clarke

Royal Three Counties- 12-14th June

Judge Mr D Drake

Royal Cheshire-16 - 17th June

Judge Mr J Walters

Natwich and south Cheshire-29th July

Judge Mr D Hodge

Okehampton- 13th August

Judge Mr D Drake

Bury and district agricultural show- 28th June

Judge Mr C Slee

Dorset-5-6th September 

Judge TBC

The Valais Blacknose sheep 


These sheep are one of the most tame and docile you will have ever come across, they are also beautiful and have the cutest off spring. 


The Valais are a long wool sheep which need shearing twice a  year, they don't have as much lanolin in their fleeces as other breeds. The fleece although it looks curly and soft it is actually quite course and very good for felting. 


They are good meat animals with ewes weighing between 60-90 kg and Rams 90-180kgs. They are quite lean being mountain sheep. 


The VBN are often thought to be quite hardy, however traditionally in Switzerland they would be inside for up to 7 months of year and are not used to much rain having come from one of the driest places in Switzerland.